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Anybody who is seeking mobility using their VoIP phone system  can benefit fron Grandstream Dect Phones. Grandstream Dect Phones are coming in two models. That is DP715 & DP710. The Grandstream DP715 is the base station  support  4 concurrent calls simultaneously in a variety of flexible hunting group options.  The DP710 are the expansion handsets that can be added to a base station. You are able to register as many as 5 handsets to every base station.

Linear Mode – all phones ring sequentially in the predesignated order
Shared Mode – all phones ring concurrently and share exactly the same line similar to analog phones
Parallel Mode – all phones ring concurrently after one phone answers, the rest of the phones are able to place new calls

Grandstream Dect UAE

Advantages of Grandstream Dect Phone

The Grandstream DP75, DP760 and DP720 DECT Cordless IP Phone Gives Residential, SOHO and Small Business Users Mobility Beyond the Desktop With Flexibility, Affordability, Security, and Quality Audio. Grandstream’s first VoIP cordless phone, is SIP/DECT compliant, works with various major IP PBXs and supports wide range indoor/outdoor radio coverage based on the popular DECT standard, thus giving users the ability to enjoy the benefits of mobility and VoIP for minimum investment.With an outdoor coverage range of nearly 1,000 feet (about 300 meters) and indoor range of nearly 150 feet (50 meters), the Grandstram Dect Phones features a 102×80 pixel backlit graphic display, 10-hour talk time, 80- hour standby-time, full duplex speakerphone with acoustic echo cancellation, and rich features associated with VoIP Telephone System including calling ID, call waiting, transfer, 3-way conference, do-not-disturb, hunt group, 18 polyphonic ringtones, 200 phone book entries (per handset), message waiting, multi-language voice prompt and much more.
The Grandstream DECT IP phones support TLS and SRTP security protection which safeguards account information and encrypts voice conversations thus eliminating eavesdropping concerns usual for legacy analog cordless phones.Moreover, it supports voice codecs including G.711, G.723.1, G729AB, G726, AND iLBC.

Modern Technology

These branded dect phones are designed with the unique infrastructure. These things have increased the demand for these products around the globe. The users can avail the extraordinary efficiency due to the innovative technology. These devices are unique and innovative because these are sure to offer high-quality. Innovative technology is the prime feature of these devices because these are designed with modern tools. These are highly efficient and multi-functional. Dect phones are lightweight, compact and compatible. Users can use these phones in the house or outside the house on the lawn.

Incredible Voice Quality

You can take this phone in the garden or the back yard of the home. It offers mobility because users can use this phone by moving here and there as per their convenience. It is very easy to push due to the extra-large buttons. It is an excellent item for those who have hearing and visions difficulties due to the amplified volume. There is not extra sound that permits the user to hear clearly at the noisy location. It offers crystal clear voice that offers an adjusted base. It is wonderful for many reasons. Some Grandstream Dect Phones are available with three handsets that make the cordless phone system a perfect choice for your use. In the large home or in your office it can be used very easily.

Grandstream Dect Models

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