Grandstream GXW4216 Gateway UAE

Grandstream GXW-4216 is better defined as a 16 FXDS port VoIP gateway that is used to connect with analog devices namely phone and fax machines with a VoIP Network. This includes support for a broad range of voice and fax codecs along with the combination of 16 RJ11 FXS ports with 50 pin Telco Connector. This makes the GXW4216 a flexible option for different uses.

This is a next generation high-performance VoIP Gateway, which with is compatible with SIP standards as well as the SIP standards with broad interoperability. This works well with the Analog PBX and traditional phone systems that are available on the market today.

Solving the Last Piece of Puzzle

Grandstream GXW-4216 comes with 16 FXS Analog telephone ports. This is combined with excellent voice quality and rich telephony functions. It allows for easy provisioning, flexible dialling plans and the advanced security protection with excellent performance when it comes to handling high call volume.

This system proves to be a cost-effective solution that allows its user to enjoy the features of VoIP communication without breaking their bank for the current analog phones, PBX systems or even the Fax Machines.

Analog FXS IP Gateway for Business

Being fully compliant with SIP standard and interoperable with a wide range of VoIP systems, this device comes equipped with cost effective Hybrid IP and analog systems which opens up new frontier of communication for small to medium businesses. With its compliance with SIP standards and support of 16 Port FXS, this device is your source for great voice quality, advanced telephonic features, and easy provisioning. All of this is further combined with flexible dialling plans and security protection.

The Grandstream GXW-4216 promises impressive performance even when the call volume is high above the limit.  This device provides the small to medium businesses a cost effect way to implement hybrid IP and Analog phone system. This helps to deliver benefits of VoIP Telephony while it protects the initial investment of a company in legacy equipment that includes analog phones, PBX system, and Fax Machines.

Grandstream GXW-4216 Dubai

Features and Specifications

This 16 FXS port gateway can be easily used to connect analog devices like phones and fax machines all existing in a VoIP network. Also, this device also has support for multiple Voice and fax codes. Well the credit goes to its 50 Pin Telco connector which make Grandstream GXW-4216 flexible enough for so many uses.

Being a high performer, this device has a high density of VoIP gateway that is compliant with SIP standards and broad interoperability. Following are the detailed features of this device.

  • 16 Telephone FXS Ports
  • RJ11 Ports
  • 50 Pin Telco Connections
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Support for Multiple Languages
  • 2 SIP Server for each profile
  • 1 Independent SIP-Account Per Port
  • Supports Voice Fax Codecs namely the G.711, G.723.1, G.726A/B, T.38 and iLBC
  • Carrier Grade 128ms Tail length
  • 168 Echo Cancellation
  • Over Voltage
  • Over Current
  • Neon LED and Stutter Tone
  • Message Waiting Indication
  • Automated Provisioning with help of TR-069 and AES encrypt XML Configuration Files for advanced security and protection