Grandstream GWN7600 Wireless Access Point

Grandstream GWN7600 Aceess Point Dubai


People often face a problem to sharing their wired or wireless network. They try to find solutions for this problem but sometimes they are unable to get a good solution. So what should they do in this regard? If you are also suffering from this same problem then this is probably the best place you are standing at. Suppose you have some wireless access points that allow you to access wireless and wired network then you will feel like you have got the right gadget. The device or gadget that allows or enables you to have such a great facility is Grandstream GWN7600. This provides you network access to large areas. TNow the question arises that what is Grandstream GWN7600?.

Grandstream GWN7600 Wireless access point is pow erfull enought to deploy in multiple flooroffices, commercial locations and branch offices.The Dual Band MIMO Technology ensure maximum network throughput and expanded Wi-Fi coverage range.Most importently GWN7600 is a controller based access point , but the acess point itself can act as controller and manage up to 30 GWN76xx series wireless aceess point. The GWN7600 can handle 450 Plus concurrent clients in a Single access point.The GWN7600 has Dual Gigabit Ports with POE support ensure high speed network bridging as well as eleminate the need of seperate power supply for access point.

Grandstream GWN7600 Aceess Point DubaiThe GWN7600 series Acess Points

The GWN7600 is actually a series and it contains two types of access points. First one is Entry-level access point named as GWN7600 and the second one is Mid-range access point named as GWN7610. A question will be arising in your mind that where this can be used? It can be used in business usually small sized or offices having multiple floors trying to access each other network or in a case if an office has multiple branches. This series is the best possible answer to cover all your requirements of this type. It provides you network comprising of dual band throughput. It also provides lengthened Wi-Fi range almost up to 165 meters.

Nearly 450 parallel clients can access the network at the same time. It also facilitates a central or main management system which provides a sole user interface to manage each access point through the network regardless of the need of a separate hardware or software to control the network. Now as you have read that there are 2 types of access points so is there any difference between them? Obviously yes there are great differences which are mentioned below.

The difference between GWN7600 and GWN7610:

Grandstream GWN7600 is an entry level wireless access point while GWN7610 is a Mid-Range wireless access point. The coverage range for GWN7600 is almost 165 meters and it can support almost 450+ clients Wi-Fi devices in parallel at the same time while of GWN7610 is 175 meters and it can support 250+ clients in parallel at the same time. GWN7600 has a secure boot which provides you anti-hacking facilities and it provides a wireless throughput of 1.27Gbps.

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