Grandstream GWN7000 VPN Router Firewall

Grandstream GWN7000 DubaiThe Grandstream GWN700 offer enterprise-class routing capabilities to any business.  The GWN7000 comprehensive WiFi and VPN solutions that can share across one or many different physical locations. The hardware accelerated VPN Features enable secure connectivity between branch offices and head office. The Failover Feature and Load Balancing feature make Grandstream GQN7000 Router unique at the cost-effective price tag.  Along with its Routing feature, the GWN7000 can handle 300 plus GWN series Access points.  The GWN7000 can operate as the wireless controller, and it can dramatically reduce your investment.

The GWN7000 is a VPN router. It is usually powerful multi-wide area network GB router. It is best for small as well as medium business. It can also be used in hospitals, education, retail and medical markets. Many people face a lot of problems regarding Wi-Fi and VPN. So you can share the Wi-Fi and VPN across various physical places with the help of Grandstream GWN7000. In this way, a lot of your problems related to Wi-Fi are solved. To provide security and protected inter-office connectivity, it provides various features like superb switching power, great performance routing and a VPN which is hardware accelerated.

Grandstream GWN7000 UAEGrandstream GWN7000 Features:

  • 7 Gigabit ports (2 WAN + 5 LAN)
  • Embedded Wireless controller to manage 300+ GWN WiFi APs
  • VPN Support  including PPTP, L2TP/ IPSec, and OpenVPN
  • Multi-WAN ports
  • Load balancing and failover to maximize connection reliability
  • Intuitive Web interface to centrally monitor/provision the entire network
  • Intuitive Web interface to centrally monitor/provision the entire network
  • USB ports for Rich peripheral support (printer, NAS, file server, etc.)
  • Rich firewall features including NAT, DMZ, Port Forwarding, SPI and UPnP


Grandstream GWN7000 helps you a lot in solving your Wi-Fi and VPN problems. It provides a high amount of Wi-Fi access points almost up to 300+ in-network access points. It is done with the help of an embedded controller as well as an automatic provisioning chief or master. The operation is easy. You can effortlessly operate it through the web browser user interface of the product. It allows you to access the main panel to monitor as well as to regulate the whole network. The other features which are present in it include ports that help in load balancing in case of failure etc. So in this way, it provides the maximum reliable connection. These ports are known as Multi Wide Area Network ports.

As well as it provides seven ports among which two are of wide area network, and five are of local area network. It offers a central interface which enables you to control and to monitor the whole network. The routing speed that it provides is superb. The rate of routing is almost 1 million packets per second, and it offers a switching power of 10Gbps. A rich firewall is also offered along with DMZ, SPI, NAT, and UPnP, etc.

Grandstream GWN7000:

            These are all the features which make the grand stream GWN7000 useful in your life. One of its great benefits is that it provides great support for peripheral devices like printer, file server, etc. through different USB ports. A controller which is fixed built-in allows you to setup and manage approximately 300+ access points of Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi and VPN can be shared through multiple physical locations (one also). The reliability of the network is also maintained by load balancing ports. So, in short, this router is best for businesses ranging from small to medium and medical markets, etc.

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