Having a six line multimedia, GXP2200 is a VOIL phone. It equals an HD enterprise phone based on its various Android applications. Grandstream operates on 2.3 Android Operating system. It is a VOIL PHONE having 6 line multimedia. In this way, it is equivalent to an HD enterprise phone as it has many applications of an Android developer phone like Facebook, Skype, Google play store and other many similar applications.

In other words, we can call it a ‘smart desk phone’ and its portable feature makes it an even more convenient and suitable phone for the enterprise business. The users can even play games on it just like the other Android smartphones. There is Google play store through which you can easily download your favorite apps. This phone provides you security protection for your private documents. You can easily find a Grandstream GXP2200 Dubai phone for yourself by searching in the market or visiting online stores. You can find this phone in different areas of U.A.E.

Different Features of Grandstream GXP2200

In this modern age, it is the future of enterprise business of telephone. Different salient features of Grandstream GXP2200 are mentioned as follows:

  • LCD touch screen

Grandstream GXP2200 comes with an amazing touchscreen that has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels and is capacitive with TFT LCD. Its touch screen is colorful, unlike the other earlier Grandstream phones.

  • Storage memory

It has a large storage memory. You can save up to 1000 contacts in your phone book. And the screen is also larger in size for a proper and clear display.

  • Easy Data Transfer

It has a Bluetooth function for transfer of files easily along a distance wirelessly.

  • Compatibility with different applications

Lots of apps are present on the home screen also user can customize it with his/her favorite apps. Touch screen function like zoom, dragging and swapping are similar to other Android phone systems. In this way, it is just like one is using a smartphone or a tablet. Grandstream GXP2200 has excellent compatibility features with different applications.

  • A complete package- feature rich phone

It is very cost effective having many excellent features. In this way, it feels great to a user. Bluetooth is compatible with many handsets for example Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and others. Similarly, users can enjoy Wi-Fi facility and can make a live call through the internet using Skype or any other app. All these features make this phone the most suitable for business communication. Such a phone rich in features and available in an affordable and reasonable pricing is very hard to find. Grandstream GXP2200 is a complete package for you that provides you with the best possible audio communication experience.

Grandstream GXP2200 dubai

Connectivity and Multitasking For Users

Similarly, the modern enterprise phone has an excellent voice quality with HD voice handsets. It has a wide band audio range. It has an excellent quality because it has inbuilt feature of echo cancelation. The voice dialer app allows the user to choose any contact to call simply by voice. It has an easy connectivity feature through the USB port, and it has an SD card reader that allows you to read and save your data like videos, images, music and others. You can also send and receive emails with the help of different apps such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and others. It has a camera that allows a user to make videos and pictures. Grandstream GXP2200 also has a music player and a media player in it. Different ringtones can be selected for calls.

For business use, it has the capability to hold and transfer call as well as a five-way conference for business person virtually. It has a large memory as one can save up to 1000 contacts in its storage. It also keeps a record of the call history. It has support for almost 6 SIP accounts.

Although this set is handy yet it is very beneficial for someone who loves multitasking and needs an extra screen on their phone. This phone tends to be very convenient for people of different ages and fields. It gives you a quick access to some places and social sites like Facebook, weather updates, emails, etc. it has a built-in blacklist app to block the calls from unwanted people. Calls can also be recorded on its SD card that can be saved on the computer by using USB cable data transfer method as mentioned earlier.

Business-related apps

There are some apps for businesspeople which provides them with different facilities such as keeping them up to the date of the present condition of the business. For example for a hotel, one can easily build a custom app that will enable them to have a record of guests in or out, similarly order room service or to know about those interested in it. Similarly any app for customer service which will check status, make a payment, give contact information and allows users to give feedback. Depending on the application many apps can be built.


There is no doubt on quality and user friendliness of Grandstream GXP2200 IP Phone. Mostly, users have provided positive feedback for GXP2200 that give you a good idea about the quality and reliability of the product.There are a lot of GXP2200 users in different areas of U.A.E. The positive feedback will surely help in making a decision buying this phone. Overall as far as the features are concerned, the phone seems to be a pretty good package!.Grandstream Dubai is always committed to provide you high quality IP Telephones.