A standard IP business phone- Grandstream GXP1620

GXP1620 is another phone in the Grandstream series. With some features similar to the other phones of this series, this phone delivers exciting features to being the users a friendly interface and smooth audio communication channel. Based on Linux, the standard IP phone has a bunch of exciting features for you that make it easy to use and simple to handle!

Workers be intact- flawless communication

Bringing your workers together with a streamline audio communication channel, Grandstream offers its new model in the series GXP1620. The phone has some similar features as that of the other Grandstream phones but as a whole, the phone provides you with a perfect package standard IP phone that has all that requires for it to be best suitable for small businesses. The phone is primarily based on the Linux system with a 2- line IP display. With some exciting features that are explained below, this phone promises a smooth communication free of echo and any flaw. Thus, keeping you intact and offering a high-quality reliable service.

Small business owner? Get Grandstream GXP1620

Are you a small business owner? Then surely you will require a smooth and flawless audio communication channel so that you are in contact with your workers. Incorporating the 3-way conference feature, keeping your workers intact is not difficult anymore. There are a lot many other productive features of Grandstream GXP1620 that make it a versatile and a very reliable business phone.

Grandstream GXP1620- A Complete Package

As already mentioned, Grandstream GXP1620 is a dependable IP business phone. It has a complete package comprising of a lot many powerful and productive VOIP features. With a stylish modern design, it is developed with a very easy and friendly user interface that allows the users to use it easily and thus communicate with ease other achieving a complete clarity in voice. These features and many other additional features ensure its high quality and reliability. It has a simple user interface that allows the people to have convenience while using it.

Where to buy?

For the people of Ajman, Al Ain, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah, getting Grandstream phones are very easy. There are a lot of stores in many markets in almost all the areas. Moreover, you can also order the phone from online stores. Grandstream GXP1620 Dubai phone is available widely so you can purchase it easily.

Grandstream GXP1620 dubai

Highlights of Salient features

An overview of the features of this standard IP phone depicts that it is rich in features with a friendly interface for the user. For the proof of this claim, let us take a look at its features. Based on Linux operating system, the phone has 2- line IP display.

You can view it easily because the LCD has a quite good resolution of 132 x 48 pixels and also incorporates the backlit feature. Different people can avail themselves of a constant and flawless voice communication channel via 3- way conferencing. It has 8 BLF keys, and the HD audio quality best specifies the clarity in voice and ensures you don’t feel any echo effect while communicating.

Unfortunately, there is no power over Ethernet source. However, it has dual switching ten / 100 Mbps network ports and three programmable XML keys that allow it to be operated and used easily. Thus, it tends to be easy to use, high-quality IP phone.

It incorporates some powerful VOIP features that are available in an elegantly designed handset of Grandstream GXP1620 and features that can be used easily. It provides you with one-touch call recording function. It features a large phonebook and storage capability that can handle the record of 200 calls and can store 500 contact details.

You will have the utmost clarity in voice while communicating through this phone because it features HD audio quality on both the handset as well as speakerphone. It can support up to 2 telephone lines at a moment and also offers you an EHS support for the Plantronics headsets. All these features make this phone a simple and convenient one for the small business owners especially.

Additional Feature details

Above mentioned are the technological specifications of the small business IP phone. If we talk about security features, then we come to know that just like some other phones of this series, GXP1620 also has SRTP and TLS that is a high-tech security encryption technology. It also supports zero-configuration with the UCM series of Grandstream IP PBXs, TR-069, encrypted XML files and many other automated provisioning features to make the mass deployment of this phone easy.

All these outstanding features are available to you in a very affordable and reasonable price, and this thing feature earns it a place in the superior priority list of different customers. So you too, take a look at its features, then reviews and decide to buy the phone!


There is no doubt on quality and user friendliness of Grandstream GXP1620 IP Phone. Mostly, users have provided positive feedback for Grandstream GXP1620 that give you a good idea about the quality and reliability of the product.There are a lot of GXP1620 users in different areas of U.A.E. The positive feedback will surely help in making a decision buying this phone. Overall as far as the features are concerned, the phone seems to be a pretty good package!.Grandstream Dubai is always committed to provide you high quality IP Telephones.